Offering Consultation, Education,
& Expert Testimony in Forensic Pathology

Mark Flomenbaum, MD, PhD
& Associates

Welcome to Lincoln Forensics, LLC

Lincoln Forensics, LLC offers Forensic Pathology consultation and educational services to members of the legal, public health, public policy, law enforcement, medical and forensic science communities. Expert witness testimony is available in Forensic Pathology and hospital based Pathology.



Consultation services:


• Forensic case reviews

• Autopsy reviews

• Microscopical slide reviews

• Medical chart reviews

• Literature research

• Advice to counsel at any stage of investigation or litigation

• Written or oral reports

• Participation in multidisciplinary panels to represent forensic pathology



Education services:
• Formal presentations to large groups
• Trial lawyers, police departments, or students of forensic sciences
• Topics include medical examiner functions or the scientific bases for wound interpretation
• Individual or small group tutorial sessions on specific topics in forensic science and medicine


 Expert witness testimony:


Most aspects of Forensic Pathology, with special emphasis in:

• Wound interpretation

• Autopsy Interpretation (Forensic and hospital-based)

• Cardiovascular Pathology

• Death Certification (Cause and Manner)

• Post-mortem changes and artifacts

• Post-mortem re-distribution of drugs