Offering Consultation, Education,
& Expert Testimony in Forensic Pathology

Mark Flomenbaum, MD, PhD & Associates

Services We Offer


We believe that it is essential for a consultant to provide the necessary information for you to make educated decisions about a case.  It is common for our consultants to be asked for opinions on a case in terms of: the significance of certain facts; whether some or all of the reported observations are properly interpreted; or how forensic investigations are conducted. A candid appraisal of the facts can be vital to decisions on the manner in which a case is to be presented.  Data from the available literature will be offered to support our consultant’s findings.  Strategies can be discussed on how to bolster a presentation, how to make a forensic case more understandable to the target audience, or how a potentially controversial issue may be addressed.  Our role is to assure that your case receives a thorough and reliable interpretation.



We specialize in educating the lay public and educated professionals in the concepts of forensic pathology, including the interpretation of wounds, artifacts, or complications of medical therapy.
  Many cases also require an interaction between specialists, where one expert’s opinion is often dependent upon the findings of another.  Our consultants can help to clarify the scope and practice of each specialist, and to provide a unified view of the core principles in forensic pathology.  Our education services range from one-on-one discussions with a trial attorney on focused issues, to podium-based lectures on general topics for larger audiences.  A list of over one hundred topics, workshops, and invited talks is available upon request.  We are committed to providing expert, up-to-date education in forensic pathology.

Expert witness testimony

Expert witnesses must be more than just well-credentialed in their fields.  An effective expert witness must be credible to the jury, and must offer practical and understandable opinions that allow the jury to arrive at similar conclusions. To do so, the expert witness must have a thorough command of the issues in a case, be comfortable and clear on the witness stand, and be able to anticipate questions. The expert witness must demonstrate the confidence in addressing issues that is gained by years of experience and hundreds of trials. Lincoln Forensics will provide highly effective expert witness opinions through written reports and pre-trial depositions – which can often obviate the need for a trial – that will culminate in expert trial testimony when needed.